Monday, 14 November 2016

Character Letter

3 Ennis Avenue
29th June 2016

Dear Gilbert

Hello my name is Johnny I go to an amazing school called Elm Park School that is a primary,  i’m a year 6 my class is room 21 and my amazing teacher is Mrs Borcher.  Mrs Borcher gave the blue group a few novels to choose from, I chose Abandoned On The Wild frontier that tells me about how your father got killed in the war of 1812 and how your mother got kidnapped by the Indians etc.

While reading about you you were making me really jealous because you basically get a life of freedom because you get treated as a master and get to do nearly whatever you want.  Unlike me I have to stick to many rules.  Anyway what’s it like having freedom?  What’s it like having a pony and is it hard work to take care of?  Was it really scary being put in a rain barrel for hours?

It has been fun and interesting to read about your life and a bit of your adventure to try and save your mother and hopefully return to a normal life.

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